• I’m having one of those impossible sleepless nights, so I started going through my old photos. Not actually that old, this one was taken a year ago. It struck me that the girl in the picture is genuinely happy and content with herself. I’m happy to this day, lucky to have an amazing family who I love, I have gotten into the University I’ve always dreamed of, but something’s not quite the same. I think that in my final year of highschool I got so focused on my studies that I forgot how to…love myself. This ends now! I want to have that sparkle in my eyes again, this has been an overhelming wake-up call. Wish me luck in my quest!
Love, Mary x
  • My favourite quote on a shirt xx
  • The cake for my 19th Birthday x
  • American pancakes with caramel sauce all over and with caramel apple pieces inside. The vanilla ice-cream served with them makes this dish a culinary heaven! x
  • "When I don’t know what to wear, I wear black lace" - Carine Roitfeld
Oh..and palazzo pants! See all the photos here x
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This bag is so cute<3


more here.
  • Caroline Issa is perfect! x
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Streets Finest
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loving this!
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